Classic Series Guava (Guayaba) Hard Candy, bag of 170 Candies


  • Classic Series Guava Candies Bag



This is the most delicious Candy Ever! If you like exotic tastes that are delicious, then you have to try these delicious Guava (Guayaba) Candies from China. While you are eating them, everyone around you will go wild trying to figure out where is that intriguing aroma coming from!

Each order comes with 170 individually wrapped Guava (Guayaba) candies like the Green candy wrapper in the picture.

The bags comes with 170 candies (yes i counted them).

Also available in Green Apple, Lychee(my #1 Favorite), Grape, Peach, and Sweet &;Sour.

sugar, grape syrup, citric acid, fruit acid, guava essence, salt, food color E133, E102or.

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